Seniors can stay active at home by helping them.

Seniors face a challenge this time of year due to the lack of activity after the holidays, the lower temperatures and the higher risk of developing viruses and COVID-19. Everyone can take safety precautions to minimize exposure and limit outings in the winter, especially seniors who are more likely to contract an illness. It is important to keep your loved ones active and healthy. Here are some of our favourite ways caregivers can make seniors feel safe and active. These are just a few ideas.

Enjoy Puzzles and Games

Seniors may stay motivated and active by engaging in stimulating indoor puzzles and games. Many puzzles and games are available to suit all interests and budgets. Friends and family can surprise loved ones even though the holiday season is over by sending a gift to their home. Seniors can be accompanied by caregivers, who can choose a gift online or in a nearby store.

Sites like Relish and Being have a wide range of activities for older adults. Caregivers can engage seniors at different levels of functionality in interactive games such as Boggle and Rummikub or Chess. Bananagrams can also be a good option because it is accessible in a senior-friendly format with larger letters.

Puzzles and board games require the ability to handle pieces. They are a great way for seniors to keep their hands agile while stimulating their minds. The caregivers will need to adjust their entertainment choices to the needs of the older adult and select puzzles with fine pieces. While some may be motivated and able to work on a longer-term project, others may require smaller or more complex pieces that can accommodate their limited vision. Puzzles and games can be shared with friends, family members, or a friend.

Create a Craft

Knitting, crocheting and sewing make it easy to stay active. It’s a rewarding experience for older adults to create and design their masterpieces. These can be shared, used, or displayed. Caregivers can accompany seniors to Hobby Lobby and Michaels to find inspiration and shop for the materials needed to make a piece of art.

Seniors can use their talents to make a difference by knitting or crocheting for charity. Many organizations accept knitted hats and blankets. Has more information on how to use these skills to benefit others.

Get into a routine of exercise.

Moving is a great way to improve your emotional well-being and promote good health. Online classes can be found on YouTube and other websites. Caregivers can help seniors access exercise programs that are specifically designed for them. Many low-impact, free exercises are available that can be done at home. Seniors will experience increased energy and better health if they incorporate exercise into their daily lives.

Older adults can be active outside, even though it is encouraged to stay indoors. Caregivers can accompany seniors on days when they can go outside.

No matter how you spend your days indoors, many resources are available to help you. You can also explore timely topics like medical assistance, personal care and senior companionship.

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