Safe Senior-Friendly Summer Activities

As the days get longer and more bright, lush lawns and trees are in full bloom and invite us to spend our afternoons outdoors. Summer offers unique opportunities to create memories and spend quality time with loved ones.

There are many benefits to spending more time outside, and it is worth noting that sunlight has many advantages. Everyone will tell you that sunlight brightens your mood and lifts your spirits. Vitamin D, which the body makes when it comes in contact with UV rays, has significant health benefits. The CDC notes that Vitamin D is particularly beneficial for seniors. It has been shown to lower anxiety and depression, improve cognition and improve sleep quality. Vitamin D allows the body to absorb calcium which is a nutrient that aids in maintaining strong bones.

However, sun exposure can pose serious risks. Dehydration and overheating can cause irreversible harm to organ function. However, it is possible to avoid this by drinking regularly. Long-term UV rays can cause skin, eye, and immune system damage. To reduce health risks, seniors should be exposed to the sun at a minimum once daily. However, quality sunscreen can help to protect the skin and limit time spent outdoors beyond 20-30 minutes.

We’ve put together some fantastic entertainment ideas for anyone who wants to get out in the summer sun or to keep cool inside.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Although heat can limit outdoor time, the temperatures in certain locations are much cooler and allow for comfortable outdoor time. Take a walk in the morning to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Senior citizens can be accompanied by caregivers on a leisurely walk around the neighbourhood or take part in more strenuous physical activity such as a guided walking trail through a park or nature reserve. When planning an outing, be sure to take into account your loved one’s mobility. It is important to ensure that the trip is appropriate for your loved one’s mobility. This includes ensuring that paths are well-marked to prevent falls and wheelchair access if needed.

Even for those who aren’t as motivated to go out in the morning, the late afternoon and early evening offer stunning views. The sunsets and the stars sparkle, which is a great time of the year. You’ll be able to enjoy the view from your porch or while walking on a trail that leads to a park.

Book A Fishing Trip

Fishing trips are a great way to relax with older adults. Seniors often treasure the time spent with their grandchildren or old friends. Ask about discounts for senior fishing licenses in many states and discounts at local fishing clubs.

Take care of the Garden.

It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors, exercise, and enhance your landscape. Lowe’s and Home Depot, as well as major home improvement stores, carry a wide range of inexpensive shrubs, herbs and vegetables that can be easily planted. Seniors with limited mobility should choose options that are easy to maintain or can be used in pots easily. This will enable them to participate in the project even if they need assistance. Older adults will be proud to use homegrown herbs in cooking or see their plants grow and bring life to their homes.

Visit a Farmers Market

The farmer’s market is more than just a place to buy locally-grown fruits and vegetables, milk products, honey, or other goods. A farmer’s market offers seniors the chance to socialize with their neighbours and help local farmers. Adults can accompany caregivers as they stroll through the market, stopping for treats and free samples. Farmers’ markets often have live music festivals, jewellery stands and fresh juice bars. You can choose from many fresh products for your loved one to bring home or enjoy at the family barbecue. They will be delighted with another memorable trip. To find the closest farmer’s market to you, click here

Snack on Seasonal Treats

When it’s hot outside, refreshing iced lemonade and fresh summer fruits are a great way to cool off. The perfect place to spend time in the kitchen, sharing a snack or experimenting with the oven is a cool indoor space. Caretakers can make delicious snacks for their loved ones or share them with others using easy-to-find recipes. These easy-to-prepare seasonal treats will help you take advantage of the summer’s abundance of blueberries and peaches.

Visit A Museum

Summer is associated with sunshine, but many places also get rainy days. A museum or aquarium can be a great indoor option for those days when it is too hot or rainy to go out. You and your loved one will feel at ease in the air-conditioned rooms while exploring exhibits and learning new things. Many museums and aquariums offer seniors discounts. They also make it easy to accommodate those who are disabled. Ask about summer events.

To maximize the summer’s joys, we’ve collected 6 budget-friendly and convenient summer activities seniors can participate in. No matter where you spend the day, make sure you stay hydrated as you enjoy the new season spirit.

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We hope you have a great summer, no matter how you share it. Community Home Health Care wishes everyone a peaceful and enjoyable summer.

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