Benefits of In-Home Care Services

Dorothy, the Wizard of Oz’s iconic heroine, believes there is no home like home. The American Association of Retired Persons conducted a national poll and found that 76% of those surveyed would prefer to remain in their homes or communities over the long term. 34% of the poll participants also stated that home renovations are necessary to meet their changing health and physical needs. Many are motivated to make these changes, even though they may incur costs. They value the comfort of staying in their home, including their neighbours and vendors. It is easy to see why many people feel at ease in their homes as they age. It can be hard to move into an assisted living facility. Moving to an assisted living facility can be difficult because of difficulty making new friends and maintaining routines. It can also be daunting to give up all your belongings that have been accumulated over many decades.

Senior caregiving families believe that ageing in place is the best choice for their loved ones and their well-being. However, caring for an elderly loved one requires a lot of energy and can increase stress. Family caregivers often want to know if their loved one is eligible for Medicare or Medicaid and can rely on professionals to help ease the many responsibilities that come with caring for an older loved one.

Research has shown that seniors who choose to age in place enjoy many benefits that are not available if they move to a facility. We offer an overview of how caregivers can help patients and provide information about the benefits they can bring to their homes.

Independence Increasing

Senior citizens who stay at home enjoy greater independence and freedom than those in assisted living or nursing homes. While moving from an apartment or private residence to a senior living facility, skilled nursing facility, or senior living facility can provide immediate safety and health benefits, the trade-offs for those still able to live independently may be too costly. Living in another person’s space means that you must follow their rules. This includes following set meal times and structured activities. Many regulations may not be appreciated.

Ageing allows seniors to enjoy their lives on their terms and with greater privacy, even under the care of an aide. Older adults can exercise greater control over their lives by making routines and decisions. They also have a better sense of security in the home they’ve made. This can result in higher levels of happiness, fulfilment and personal satisfaction. These are all important factors that lead to improved physical function, better mental health, and a greater quality of life.

Connect with Family and Friends

Seniors can keep in touch with their loved ones by maintaining the same social networks as they age. Older adults can not only stay close to their friends but also have the option of hosting social events at home. However, facilities must enforce regulations and restrictions to limit residents’ family members to ensure professional standards. This may make visiting a loved one less convenient, formal or unpleasant. Children will be more inclined to visit their parents when they can do so in a familiar, comfortable environment. This allows seniors to connect with younger generations and host them. Visits can be less stressful and draining for both the adult and the visiting family members by having an in-home caregiver who can facilitate conversation or make introductions. In-home caregivers can help seniors prepare for hosting by conversing about their upcoming visit or making snacks, drinks, and gifts.

Many communities have active senior centres and volunteer opportunities. These groups offer opportunities for seniors to grow their social circle through participation in events and activities.


Seniors can live at home with a caregiver to provide personalized care and companionship. Community Home Healthcare carefully vets all its caregivers and offers intensive training to ensure they are qualified to care for your loved one’s physical and emotional needs. Seniors can be accompanied to appointments and on errands by in-home caregivers eager to engage them in conversation and provide stimulation. A companion has been specially trained to care for your loved one and respect your family’s values. This gives you and your loved one safety, comfort and peace of mind.

Holistic Care

Senior adults who live independently may need assistance with personal and medical matters. A highly trained caregiver will care for your loved one’s needs, such as toileting, grooming and other personal hygiene. A caregiver can help with dietary concerns, encourage daily exercise, and remind you to take your medication.


Living in a nursing home or assisted living facility is very expensive. It is important to remember that many seniors will have either paid off or almost paid off their home mortgages by deciding on long-term living arrangements. It is attractive financially because of the familiarity and comfort that staying at home provides. Medicare can provide part-time home health care to seniors at home. Medicare covers part-time in-home skilled nursing and home health aid services provided that a doctor makes the order and the patient meets Medicare requirements for being homebound. In-home care is often more affordable than assisted living and nursing homes, even if you don’t have Medicare. Our staff at Community Home Health is happy to help you understand your benefits eligibility and plan a caregiver arrangement that suits your needs best.

Home caregiving services can relieve some of the stress associated with caring for an elderly family member. While caregivers can help with daily tasks such as grocery shopping and meal preparation, they also provide companionship and safety for the patient. You are welcome to browse our extensive list of caregiver resources on our website.

Contact us today to learn more about our experienced team of personal caregivers, registered nurses, and home health aides who can help families like yours.

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